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Crossing the Line: New teaching series


“That’s crossing the line.”

It’s a phrase we’ve all heard used at one time or another. Often, it means someone is behaving inappropriately, by saying or doing something hurtful. A line in the sand is a place that cannot be crossed without repercussions – a place where we guard our hearts and tell others that if they cross the line, it may create problems between us.

In those moments, we have a choice to make. Do we allow the hurtful behaviors to keep happening? Do we take a stand, set a boundary, to prevent someone else from hurting us again? How can we set healthy boundaries without behaving inappropriately and “crossing the line” ourselves? Is there ever a time we should risk “crossing the line”?

We can’t control what others say and do, but we can take a stand. We can set healthy boundaries to prevent being hurt over and over again. We can stop the sin of others from overcoming us, in part because Jesus came to overcome the power of sin for all of us.

God is our example. God drew the line at holiness – at perfection. We are all guilty of crossing that line. That’s why we need Jesus, who knew that about us and loved us anyway. A love big enough to ultimately cross the greatest line of all, doing for us what we could not do for ourselves….dying in order to save us eternally.

Join us as we begin our new series, Crossing the Line: Setting Healthy Boundaries in Relationships. We’ll talk about the times in our lives when people “cross the line” and how we can set healthy boundaries for ourselves and with each other.

  • April 16  When Jesus Crossed the Line
  • April 23  Guard Your Heart
  • April 30  Resolve Conflict
  • May 7  Set Good Boundaries
  • May 14  Choose to Cheat
  • May 21  Defend the Defenseless
  • May 28  Confront Hatred