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November is Refugee Month

November 5, 2017

9:00am – 12:30pm

A special Benevolence offering will be taken for World Vision during both services on Sundays, November 5 and November 12.

World Vision International is an Evangelical[Christian humanitarian aid, development, and advocacy organization.

They have a World Vision for children - where every child grows up healthy and strong, is cared for and protected and has opportunities to flourish.

They have a World Vision for change- both on a global scale and in the lives of individuals through powerful one-to-one connections.

They have a World Vision for life– where we care for each other in a world full of promise and free of poverty.

Goshen International Church & Community Center

Share your gifts during November

Goshen International Church and Community Center is a multicultural church family seeking to improve lives and serve the refugee community in Tucson.

Hygiene Needs:

    Toothpaste                 Body Wash

    Toothbrushes              Soap

     Lotion                       Toilet paper

     Paper towels              Deodorant

     Dish soap                 Shaving cream

     Shampoo                  Conditioner

     Laundry detergent       Lip balm

     Disposable razors       Nail file/scissors

     Feminine hygiene products

Other household needs:    

    Cleaning products        Food storage

    Kitchen utensils           Baking pans

    Pad, pens, scissors      Light bulbs

    Alarm clock                 Trash cans/bags

   Family first aid kit          Picture dictionary

   City map Gift card [Target/Walmart]

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